Affidavit for Partnership Registration


Affidavit of all the undersigned on solemnly affirmation and declaration :

1. We, the undersigned are the equal shares holder of land area measuring ___________ ________________ of _________________ situated at the revenue estate of _______ _____________________________________.

2. That we have no objection if the permit for qurejing Jamuna and is granted in the name of _____________________________ son of _________________________________, Resident of ____________________________________________________ by the concerned authority who has also the equal shares in the aforementioned lands.


Verification :-

Verified at Delhi on this ____ day of __________ 199_ , that the contents of the above affidavit all true and correct and nothing has been concealed therefrom.


  1. Attested Copy of the partnership deed one set
  2. Ownership prove of principal place of business

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