Memorandum Main objects of online Shopping Company

  1. To carry on the business of online shopping, net marketing, marketing of consumer and other goods, internet advertising and marketing, creating virtual malls, stores, shops, creating shopping catalogues, providing secured payment processing, net commerce solutions for business to business and business to consumers, online trading in and outside India but does not include banking and money circulating business.
  2.  To carry on the business of buying, selling, reselling, importing, exporting, transporting, storing, developing, promoting, marketing or supplying, trading, dealing in any manner whatsoever in all type of goods on retail as well as on wholesale basis in India or elsewhere.
  3. To carry on all or any of the following business activities relating to the provisions of Electronic Commerce services to Business Organizations either directly or through collaboration, joint venture, or under licenses and/ or trade agreements. E-mail services, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enhanced telefax Services, Electronic Information Services i.e., database Services to support commercial exchanges, other intercompany network applications and for the above purposes, to establish, in India, Messaging backbone network interconnecting different parts of the country in a phase manner and to import such hardware, software and/ or technology from time to time as may be required

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