Memorandum Main objects of Startup Businesses pramotion & Consultancy company

To carry on the business of consultants in all fields, including the business of legal, industrial, business management, expansion and strategic consulting, financial, cost accounting, recruitment personnel management, inventory control, import and export and other technical or non-technical consultants and in particular to prepare Project Reports for all types of industries to set up systems of casting or to give other consultants on cost accounting to advise companies on the financial systems, to plan out machinery location and factories, to advise on tax planning, to recruit people for all types of posts in all types of industries or offices and to make representations types of industries or offices and to make representations before any body corporate , authority, corporations, firm, person or association of persons in any field in which help ,ay be required of the company, including the procurement of materials, machinery or any other items or things required by any body corporate authority, corporations person, firm or association of persons and to charge fees for such advise and help, whether in India or abroad.

To act as financial consultants, management consultants, and provide advice, services, consultancy in various fields, general administrative, secretarial, commercial, financial legal, economic, labour, industrial, public relations, scientific, technical, direct and indirect taxation and other levies, statistical, accountancy, quality control and data processing.

To carry on the business of providing solutions and services related to Web- Technologies, Internet and E-commerce, including to design, develop, maintain, operate, own, establish, install, host, provide, create, facilitate, supply, sale, purchase, licence or otherwise deal in Internet portals, Internet networks, Media Portals, Internet solutions, Internet gateways, Internet service providers, E-commerce, Website designing, Web based and Web enabled services and applications, E-commerceservice provider, E-commerce solutions, E-commerce platforms, E-commerce education, E-commerce technologies , digital marketing services and E-business solutions and provide consultancy services in all the above mention activities.

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