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My husband cut his hand very badly and I was driving him to the hospital for stitches. He soaked through the paper towel he had covered the cut with and asked me for tissues. All I had was a light days mini pad. Well it was very absorbent! And the triage nurse at the hospital had a REALLY good laugh. Apparently it was the first time she ever saw that.
Credit: JagexThe Task system is a series of usually small, but not necessarily easy, tasks players can perform around RuneScape in order to get rewards. These rewards are experience lamps, money and specific items for each task set. All the tasks come in four sets. Completing each set results in the acquisition of the reward item, and the other benefits,
which have Easy Tasks, Medium Tasks, Hard Tasks and Elite Tasks. Not having done a required quest, or not having a high enough level in a skill, will mean you will be unable to complete that task until your character improves enough in the skill, or a quest is completed.There were also a few of the old guard in the UK games industry presenting, and I jumped at the opportunity to speak to Ian Livingstone for a quick fifteen minutes.

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