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How to configure an AOL Mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2016?


Since we have done the prerequisite steps, let us jump into how you can login to AOL email accounts on Outlook. Once you are done with the provisioning, you should go through Advanced options, then select the option for manual configuration of AOL Email in Outlook 2016 PC Client. Here, enter in your AOL email address and click the Advanced options drop-down box, and choose Let me configure my AOL mail account manually, and then click Connect. Under Login information, type your AOL email address and password and click the Additional settings button. 

AOL Mail account configuration in Microsoft Outlook is usually one of the first things that a user wants to do when setting up an account. Also you can check to manage their new skills of microsoft.  Masterbundle provides a platform that allows you to manage your Microsoft licenses and upgrade the system for several years. This article will take you through the steps required to configure your AOL Mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2016 and answer some questions that may have popped up in your head.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is a user-friendly outlook email client that provides most of the features and functions of former versions of Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server. Here you check this and get more new ways about business growth. This Microsoft Outlook 2016 guide will talk about how to configure an AOL Mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2016. We will discuss how to configure various settings for this kind of account such as.

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