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hublot big bang replica With Hublot, fusion is not just the name of a watch. More Than This. This is a motto, is the right direction of design. Fusion refers to the concept of hybrid materials, which has always existed in boldly manufactured DNA. The fusion of gold and ceramics, the fusion of metal and rubber, the fusion of gold and Bronze Leather, all the fusion you can imagine and more Hublot dares to integrate materials you never thought about into watch materials. Then they worked again with Hublot classic fusion Italia independent to use authentic fabric dial and strap, the result of their collaboration with the fearsome creative LaPO Elkann.

Last year, at the 2016 Basel international watch and jewelry exhibition, the world ship watch again demonstrated its concept of "integration", that is, the unique method of integrating different materials, many of which are usually not related to watches, resulting in some interesting combinations. The cooperation between the watchmaker and the famous Paris shoemaker berluti is the crystallization of them. They use full leather on the strap and dial, which makes me one of the most attractive works of the brand. Today, the same concept is applied to the berluti timekeeper, a classic integrated timekeeper of zenith watches for sale

I am fully aware that the Hublot x berluti chronograph is a polarized watch. Bold innovation, with certain uniqueness and very unusual improvement, is not everyone's favorite. As the universal watch often appears, some people call it irrelevant. In some ways, this is positive. At the very least, it proves that Hengbao dares not to make conservative products to please the public. I personally like it and find it reasonable and well executed. Following the three pin version of the 2016 Basel world watch show, the company added limited edition watches (for example, most watches made by the brand...) , they use the same leather dial, the same color scheme, but add timing function to the timing code table. Package, Hublot classic fusion chronograph berluti was made.

The index and logo are embossed on the material to show a vivid color. Due to the influence of ultraviolet, light and water, the use of leather on the dial is very challenging, which leads to problems related to the aging process. For example, all moisture in the material must be removed before it can be sealed into the enclosure. In addition, special treatment has been carried out to ensure that the leather does not age too fast.

Basically, swiss luxury watches the formula is the same: two watches, one black ceramic, one 18K gold, one black leather and one brown leather. The main attraction of these watches is definitely their dial. Working with one of the top five shoe makers in the world, using some of the most precious leather and the best bronze, using only berluti to make watch bands is a waste. That's why this unusual material is also used for dials.

No matter in technology or aesthetics, Yu Bo is no stranger to doing unorthodox things. Talking about the technological strength of innovation, Hublot laferrari appears. When it comes to strange or wonderful materials, you may think of Hublot classic fusion berluti with a leather dial. Now, the watch is made of a rough material, which is not usually used for making watches: concrete!