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4. Arya Stark Stabs The Hounds in the StomachWell she tries any way. After being taunted about her [url=][b]runescape gold[/b][/url] dead friends and family, Arya makes a strong attempt at actually crossing a name of her list. Using Needle, she attempts to stab the Hound in the stomach. The trailer was deceptive in that it made it seem as if this might actually be a kill shot. Unfortunately, the Hound is an experienced soldier who wears super thick armor.
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Check out some similar questions!RoseBowl Game [ 2 Answers ]There is what appears to be a camera hoovering over the players heads when they are playing. My husband says I am crazy there is nothing there. But there is what appears to be a cameral hoovering over the field just above their heads. Is it? And what is it?
Also in the scene, it is revealed that Lady Arryn and Littlefinger orchestrated the murder of Lord Arryn all the way back before the first episode of season 1. Remember? That why Ned Stark had to go to King Landing to begin with.3. Westeros is Very Very In Debt to the Iron Bank of Bravos
Tonight Tywin finally reveals more information about the Bank of Bravos which has been not so subtly hinted at a dozen times since the season began. Westeros is deeply deeply in debt to the Iron Bank of Bravos, a seemingly all powerful shadowy institution. With how many times this has been mentioned, I wouldn be surprised if this becomes a major plot point in the seasons to come.
Is it a game or is it serious? [ 3 Answers ]Argh where should I begin?well I have been getting to know a lad for months and months (like 10 months) we get on really well, but as I have no experience of relationships or sex or anything I have been worried to take it further as he has a lot of experience. I am 18, he is 21, we both.
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