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You have just pointed out the drawback to the plastic filler in a lead and oakum poured joint. I'm [url=][b]runescape 2007 gold[/b][/url] going to have to go with the Dual Tite Gasket.Insert the neoprene gasket into the hub. Do not grease the outside of the gasket before inserting. Now take a file and bevel the sharp edges so the pipe won't hang up on the ridges in the gasket. Next lube the pipe and the inside of the gasket with Dual Tite Lubricant or a heavy grease.

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Both seem to be effective methods   I'd like some feedback on the merits and/or disadvantages of each.I'm avoiding cutting the hub off and using a metal banded sleeve, as the other two methods won't require me to dig into the clay floor (did I mention how hard WV clay is?). I know I must use a metal banded sleeve to meet code.
But   I can be talked into this approach if I can be convinced it is more effective, long lasting, or less troublesome in the future   I'm not in the mood to crawl in there in a few years to replace and/or rework.Thanks for such a great forum! This place is GREAT!Good morning Stew and thanks for your input on the icemaker saddle valve.
"What is the best way to join the PVC to the cast iron hub protruding from the clay floor of the crawl space?I've read many discussions on joining these materials. I can use a fitting that allows me to pack oakum and caulk with either lead or plastic filler that supposedly can be used in lieu of lead. The only drawback is waiting the required 24 hour cure time of the caulk before using the line; I'd like to switch over in one well planned day.
The other method is to use a "donut". The donut is lubricated inside and out, slipped over the PVC, slid up to allow the PVC to bottom out, slid down and driven into the hub using a wedge.Both seem to be effective methods   I'd like some feedback on the merits and/or disadvantages of each.
I have been playing Dragon Nest SEA since the closed beta of the game. By then, the academic class is not yet available. After a while in the open beta, i quit due to boredom. The game only has Level 24 as the max level and it doesn't really have a lot of things going on. As an online gamer since 2003, activities like quest or a raid while online always keeps people interested and continue playing the game. If you run out of things to do, then, that is where boredom starts.

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